Our Vision & Mission

To build on the strength we are focused on delivering products and service that are compelling and cutting edge in terms of design as well as features and functionality. As part of our emphasis on success in customer services, we are also working to define the next era of customer delight. In the past, customer satisfaction was a product - centric business: today, the real creativity in customer delight lies in our commitment and services that powers them. This is creating new opportunities for us to deliver end-to-end experiences.

We have also our responsibility to the society and help people to achieve their potential, which is our mission. We continue to work to foster social and economic advancement for communities through partnerships with public/private Trusts and social service organizations.

DSC Motor Private Limited was founded with the dream of creating a brand image for itself and establishing a network of branches in Chennai. For more than four decades we have played a vital role in the positive cycle of innovation and progress that has given rise to incredible new ways to communicate, share ideas, manage our businesses, and much more.

It's amazing to look back and see how much progress we have made in the past four decades. But it's even more inspiring to look ahead and imagine a world where that dream embraces every part of our country, empowering more people to participate in the economic surge. As this happens, new ideas will emerge, new businesses will be launched, and important new advances will be made. Because automobile business is the foundation for the profound change that lie ahead, DSC Motor is in an ideal position to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that lie before us.

Modern Forms,traditional values
To create exceptional automotive value for our customer by harmoniously blending safety, quality and efficiency. With Our diverse team, we will provide responsible stewardship to our community and environment while achieving stability and security now and future generation.
Team Work
Members of Team Willingly pool their individual resources together intellect, Skills, and abilities. Such that each complements the other to realize a common goal or objective.
Member of Team have a drive to succeed personally and professionally and welcome opportunities for growth and development.
Each member of team is upright honorable and honest. His action is a natural manifestation of his uncompromising principles and confidence in his beliefs and values.
Customer Focus
Members of team have an attitude where the importance of the customer is a primary concern. Where Expectations are exceeded, and standards are measured from the customers view point.

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